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Introduction to the form of rolling door


Open type

Divided into

1. Manual roller blinds. The purpose of manually pulling the roller blind is achieved by balancing the force with the torsion spring on the central axis of the roller blind.

2. Electric roller blinds. The special motor is used to drive the central axis of the roller blind to rotate, and the roller shutter switch is reached, and automatically stops when it is turned to the upper and lower limits set by the motor. The special motor for rolling door is: external roller door machine, Australian roller door machine, tubular roller door machine, fire roller door machine, inorganic double curtain door machine, fast roll door machine, etc.

By door material

Divided into: inorganic cloth rolling door, grid rolling door, aluminum alloy rolling door, crystal rolling door, stainless steel rolling door, color steel rolling door, strengthening wind-resistant rolling door.

By installation form

Divided into: wall, wall side (or inside the hole, outside the hole) two kinds.

Press the opening direction

Divided into: two volumes and two volumes.

By purpose

According to fire rating

According to GB14102 "General Technical Conditions for Steel Rollers", ordinary steel roller blinds are divided into:

F1 grade, fire resistance time 1.50h

F2 grade, fire resistance time 2.0h

Composite steel roller blinds are divided into:

F3 grade, fire resistance time 2.50h

F4 grade, fire resistance time 3.00h

However, the national standard GB14102 grading the fire resistance of steel rolling doors, does not require fire test to measure the temperature rise of the backfire surface, nor the temperature rise of the backfire surface as the condition for determining the fire resistance time. In recent years, steam-type steel has appeared on the market. Rolling shutters, evaporative vapor-type steel roller blinds, etc., according to the "high gauge" requirements, when used as partitioned components, the temperature rise of the backfire surface must be used as the criterion for determining the fire endurance. In order to distinguish the refractory limit of the above two different conditions, the grading of the roller blinds before the introduction of the National Standard for Rolling grading, experts of the "High Regulations" management recommended: according to the national standard "Fire Test Method for Doors and Rolling Curtains" GB7633 carries out fire-resistance test, which meets the requirements of various conditions for determining the temperature rise of the back-fire surface. The fire-resistance limit is ≥3.0h, which is called the special-grade roller blind. All the fire-resistant test does not use the temperature rise of the backfire surface as the judgment condition. Ordinary rolling door.


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