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Simply talk about the performance and use of electric shutter doors and windows


Everyone chooses Tianjing New Materials Co., Ltd. The most important thing about electric windows and doors is that it has good functions and high cost performance. What functions of electric shutter doors and windows attract us? The fast rolling door has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, windproof and dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, anti-odor and lighting, and is widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, warehousing and other places. . It is better able to meet logistics and clean places, and is highly energy efficient and automatically shuts down at high speed. Improve work efficiency and create a better working environment.

Electric roller shutter doors and windows have the advantages of energy saving, automatic shutdown, efficient operation and better environment. The low-end of the electric roller shutters and windows is equipped with a flexible PVC base fabric that can be in contact with uneven ground. Sealed brushes are placed on both sides of the door post to reduce noise and increase sealing.

The fast rolling door is a signal transmission control system through the sensor contact. The control system sends a signal command to the frequency converter according to the current position of the fast rolling door. The driving motor causes the fast door to rise, and the vehicle automatically descends to close the channel after the vehicle passes, until the next signal is turned on again. The electric rolling shutters and windows are very fast to start. They do not start like steel rolling shutters. They are usually driven by inverters to control the speed.


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