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Aluminum roller shutter door advantages and defects


Compared with ordinary rolling shutters and doors, aluminum alloy shutter doors have certain advantages in terms of appearance, environmental protection and safety. The aluminum alloy rolling door can spray various colors and patterns on the surface, and it can also have the wood grain with the concave and convex feeling on the film, Shawen, etc., which shows the extravagant atmosphere and obviously improves the grade of the store, making many shops stand out. The unique structural design and material of the roller blind of aluminum alloy rolling door can effectively be placed in strong light and ultraviolet radiation, completely solving the greenhouse effect of sunlight on indoors, and is more suitable for use in various climate and weather changing areas. It has long-term protection for indoor welding. It can be proved that the shutters and windows can block the sunlight by 100%, and the temperature can be more than 95%.

The aluminum alloy shutter door has changed the traditional noise of the shutter door. When it is turned on or off, only the sound of the wind blows the sound of the sound, which gives a very comfortable feeling. The supplier of rolling shutters in China can provide you with a complete set of high quality rolling door and window services.


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