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What kind of shading effect is good


In the spring and autumn, heating is needed, and sometimes it needs to be cooled. Similarly, in the summer, as the outdoor temperature rises, the indoor light will strengthen and the temperature will rise. You have to turn on the air conditioner or pull down the curtains. Therefore, people usually use the most advanced control and flexible system to operate. Adjustable shading allows the user to select the level required.

The remote control electric sunshade shutter door can better shield the radiant energy of sunlight in the summer and reduce the heat load of the central air conditioner. In winter, the sunshade shutter can also absorb the radiation of sunlight to reduce the heating load. Thereby achieving the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

The electric roller shutter door is installed indoors or between double-glazed glass, which can better avoid adverse external influences and improve the service life of the system. In the summer, it can play the role of sunshade, which can reduce the air conditioning load and adjust the visual comfort in winter. If radio remote control and building intelligent control are used, each intelligent control mode can be effectively realized to better meet the requirements of users.

In the modern intelligent building, the control system of the electric rolling door can also be connected with the control center of the building to facilitate remote control.


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