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Electric roller shutter features


Changzhou Tianjing New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a new building material enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, installation and after-sales. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of outer sunshade shutters, outer sunshade curtains and outer sunshade fittings.

Changzhou Tianjing new building materials electric shutter door features:

1, through the microcomputer control, it is very convenient to use, press the remote control handle to control, and the motor comes with automatic delay indicator light.

2, the mute effect is very good, green and environmentally friendly.

3. There is an emergency lock when the power is off, and the switch is relatively easy.

4, the use of relatively safe, firm, is a double-layer color steel plate, the thickness of the door plate is 4-5 cm, the international standard insulation and sound insulation material - polyurethane when used in the middle of the door.

5, the appearance is beautiful, elegant, simple and generous structure.

6, the resistance will rebound, packaging personal safety.

7, the principle is very scientific, the door is equipped with a button spring, the torque and the weight of the door is similar, so that the door body is in a state of zero load, and the inner chamber of the track runs on the pulley, so the resistance is very small, the maintenance frequency is low. , durable.

8, parts are more convenient to disassemble, which is conducive to later maintenance.

Hardware accessories are:

1. The guide rail material is made of steel plate and the surface is silver plated.

2. The roller is made of high-strength wear-resistant polymethyl scorpion all-in-one plastic, with inlaid ball bearings inside.

3, the door body hinge material is cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is also silver plating

4. The steel wire reel uses a high-strength aluminum alloy mechanism.

5. The expansion screw is made of special hot-dip galvanizing.


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