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What are the types and advantages of sunshade shutter fabrics?


Process and characteristics of shade fabric products:

    The outer sunshade adopts all-weather outdoor fabrics, which absorbs the domestically produced raw materials and is used to modify the polyester as a raw material. It is colored by high color fastness, mainly through the pre-spinning process, which can guarantee up to 5 years. Long-lasting color fastness and longevity. Its lightfastness level is 7-8 (up to 8) of the ISO105-B02 standard. And fully in accordance with ISO105-B02 standard 7-8 (up to 8).

    Natural matt:

    Has very good resistance to sewage and oil.

    It has anti-mite and anti-mold and anti-corrosion properties, and its service life is also long. Under normal circumstances, it can guarantee that it will not fade after 5 years of use.

    The breathable effect is also better, making people feel very comfortable and able to enjoy the chords of nature.

    Fabrics with the most raw materials of modified polyester: After special treatment, under the condition of strong light, it has better UV resistance and longer life, which can effectively resist more than 90%. The heat preservation of solar heat radiation has the best energy saving and environmental protection effect.


    The outer sunshade fabrics currently used can be divided into the following two types: one is a glass sunshade fabric and a polyester sunshade fabric. Among them, the glass sunshade fabric is mainly made of PVC coated glass fiber; the polyester fabric is PVC coated with polyester polyester fiber. They are different from each other and can be purchased according to your needs when you purchase. The sunshade fabric made of polyester handle wheel has special UV protection function, which can guarantee the fading of the fabric in the sunshine environment all the time. It will not lose its color after years of rain and sun. Strength and fresh vitality. The masterbatch can penetrate into the core of the fiber with a suitable amount of liquid in the stage of drawing. It is not the dyeing of the surface, so the color fastness is very good, and the fabric has a special anti-mildew treatment, only using mild Soap water can be washed.



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